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Pure Property Management is setting the professional standard in Property Management. We offer our clients genuine experience and have the know-how to protect your investment.

We bring to Coromandel and Hauraki Property Management that is not parcelled up with Real Estate sales, it has it's own set of rules and regulations. Looking after a rental property is no longer a pastime or hobby – Getting it wrong brings with it real consequences and could end up costing a lot more than it should.

There is no better time than NOW to move to a pro-active company that has it's finger on the Pulse - The new Healthy Homes Bill is currently being designed and we need to ensure we have a voice and take part in it's construction - you can't afford to be an example of what NOT to do once your property manager is in front of a Tribunal Adjudicator.

Changing to Pure Property Management is a simple procedure - talk to us and experience the pure difference.


Thames/Coromandel, Hauraki and North Waikato's own 100% Property Management Company
No Corporate Office, No Sales, Pure Property Management!

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  • It only makes sense that a prudent investor would expect experienced experts in their field.
  • A smart property investor is going to require a company that is Purely Property Management.

Why PurePM

Our core business is Property Management. We are not distracted by the pressure of a sales division so our focus is on the intricacies of the Residential Tenancies Act and the obligations of all parties within. We are the only company in our area that can offer 100% focus on making your investment property work for you.

The fluid nature of the rental industry right now, needs to be watched closely so investors and tenants are protected from liability. It’s real, the requirements are going to increase along with penalties should they not be adhered to. This isn’t something to be concerned about so long as you have a proactive, dedicated company moving with the changes.

As with any investment, Rental Properties are not without risk. You can choose to keep your risk to an absolute minimum by selecting a Property Management Company that genuinely focuses on it’s clients. Our Owners and Tenants are our top priority as without them we don’t have a business. When relationships are not maintained, the risk of conflict increases, a happy tenant pays their rent and looks after their home and therefore ensures a happy owner.

Pure Property Management are committed to doing their part for the environment.

Where possible we will keep paper to a minimum, choosing to provide as many documents as possible digitally, encouraging our tenants to receive communications by email rather than post. We keep our paperwork as simple as possible, choosing to make our website a resource for owners and tenants to find information and support.

Who is Pure Property Management?


Lisa Loader

Senior Property Manager

+64 027 440 0081
[email protected]

Lisa has been working in Property Management for 20 years now. Beginning in South Auckland and north Waikato, later moving into a role that took her all over Auckland and then for the last 3 years in Thames. In that time there have been many changes but essentially the core of Property Management has stayed the same.

Careful tenant selection is imperative to achieving the right relationship between owner, tenant and property manager. The perfect tenant for one owner may be entirely wrong for another. "I don't think I've ever dealt with a completely unreasonable owner or tenant - it's all in the way their relationship is mediated that produces success".

At this stage property management is a balance between managing tenancies and making sure owners are being given the correct information, "It feels so fluid at the moment from meth testing to the Healthy Homes act you almost need to check every day for changes."

With a special interest in the Residential Tenancies Act and Tenancy Tribunal Lisa offers sound advice to prevent conflict. In the rare times when a Tribunal appearance is necessary, an application that is prepared by an experienced hand is essential.

"I'm looking forward to meeting property owners to show them that Rental Property Investment is still sound. The hype surrounding the changes in our industry have made it unnecessarily daunting. A simple checklist often shows that houses are almost over the line with compliance, otherwise a plan can be made to stretch out the costs to bring them up to date."

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